The MONKEY-CHALLENGE will start on Friday, May 31,2019. This is a team competition (squadron competition) consisting of a CLIMBER, RUNNER and a SLIDER.

Registration is starting at 1st January, 2019
The Challenge is limited to 45 teams.


Climbing, 31.5.2019

It starts with the climber, who is already on Friday, 31 May 2019, at 13.00 clock. The required time is stopped and documented.

Thus the climber must arrive no later than 12:00 at the festival area.

  • climbing is done in pre ascent
  • Express-slings  are in the routes (fixed loops)
  • Secured by persons placed on the tours
  • The climber starts at the route El Schuppo (20 meters, 6a+) =  “Time Start”  until he/she climbs to the first (newly drilled) stand (plate). After the tour, he/she will be let off after the tour.
  • Now he/she runs a pre-determined and marked route, from El Schuppo through the river to the other shore, further on the road in the direction of sector “Häuptling” and there to the entrance of the route 0815 (5b – 35 meters)
  • The route 0815 is also climbed in the ascent (whole upwards)
  • When reaching the top – ringing the bell placed there = “time stop”.
  • touching an express-sling  – plus 15 seconds penalty
  • Fall into the rope or sit back – plus 30 seconds penalty
  • Maximum climbing time per tour – 5 minutes. If you can not do the tour during this time, you will be let down and 6 minutes will be charged for the tour.

NEW: If the weather conditions are that bad, that climbing is not possible, the climber has to do a parcours. In this case informations will be available directly at the climbing location.


After the climbing competition, the “briefing” for all team participants (at least for the team leader) will take place in the multi-purpose building in Ginzling at around 7 pm.


On Saturday, 01. June 2019, at about 10.00 am, the runner starts at the festival area (start and finish area) with the time credit, which the climber has done,  at a distance set by the organizer (about 4.5 km Length, 400 Hm) before handing over to his partner, the paraglider pilot.


This starts at the place specified by the organizer and flies over the Zemmtal valley to the landing field, which is located behind the nature park house in Ginzling. The paraglider pilot then runs into the finish area. Should the weather prevent the paragliding pilots from flying, they will return to the finish area on a route chosen by the organizer.

Following rules are mandatory for the pilots:

  • Attach the start number to the glider in the middle, readable in flight direction and attach the sticker to the helmet.
  • Weight tolerance +/- 3kg
  • Change zone: Pilot has the helmet on and the harness on, the leg loops are closed risers (accelerator) are attached to the carabiners. The paraglider must be stored in a closed backpack.
  • Handover: Walk the corridor towards the launch site marked with barrier tapes No poles
  • Start: the pegged area must be maintained. THE START TAKES PLACE WITHOUT THE INTERVENTION OF A HELPER. Only in the event of a false start or aborted take-off, we will help you according to your call. There are start controllers present which call in case of danger (trailers etc.) according to STOP.
  • Flight:  1 buoy is laid out on the ground. On the ground in Ginzling a white dot is placed behind an obstacle, as soon as the pilot sees it he can turn off in the direction of the landing field. Observer on site who controls with a camera. If the buoy is not passed correctly, the pilot will be fined +3 min.
  • Landing: In the marked area if possible, if outside there are no sanctions. In any case, you must pass through the gate. The course has to be covered with all the equipment and is marked with a barrier tape and marking. Finish straight through the finish line
  • Not flight variant – obstacle course in Ginzling village: If it is not possible to fly, the runners have to run back downwards to Ginzling, where the pilots have to pass a parcours.

Prize fund

The fastest 10 teams will be awarded.

Registration fee per team: 90, – Euro
The fee has to be transferred after registration.
Also a starter-package is included – information follows.

1. Place 900 €
2. Place 750 €
3. Place 600 €
4. Place 330 €
5. Place 270 €
6. Place 210 €
7. Place 180 €
8. Place 150 €
9. Place 120 €
10. Place 90 €

Total: 3.600,- Euro