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Marmot – neuer Hauptsponsor

Innovation, quality, performance and functionality have been at the forefront of the outdoor clothing specialist Marmot since 1971. Product development is always based on...

Skoda Luxner Mayrhofen – Carshow at ACF

Skoda Luxner Mayrhofen is one of the leading car sellers in Zillertal and will be one of the main sponsors of the 2018 Austria...

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Ergebnis der Monkey Challenge 2018

ergebnisliste klettern ergebnisliste laufen ergebnisliste paragleiten teamwertung_2018

Monkey Challenge – Starting Order

Preliminary still unofficial start list. Attention: This list is still without guarantee and may change until the day of the competition.

Side Events


Another highlight at this year's AUSTRIA CLIMBING FESTIVAL 2018 is a yoga demonstration/introduction, which will be offered on June 2, 2018, between 11:00-13:00, FREE...

Trialparcours at ACF 2018

It is well known that the AUSTRIA CLIMBING FESTIVAL will take place on 1 and 2 June 2018. But now the climbers of the...

Yes… The fourth edition of the Austrian Climbing Festival will take place again in 2018. From the 1st to 2nd of June 2018, Ginzling will be climbed and celebrated again.

The climbing event was launched by the Stone Monkeys in 2015. Climbing, bouldering, chilling and celebrating in an absolutely casual atmosphere in one of the coolest climbing areas in the world.

A table boulder contest, collecting routes with sport climbing or bouldering, Zlagboard Contest, the Clean the Valley Rally and the Monkey Challenge – a team competition – speed climbing, running and paragliding.

And in the evening the legendary afterclimbing parties take place.

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