Cotton Underwear – Friday May/31 2019

COTTON UNDERWEAR - the band as special as its name - musical fine rib made of natural raw materials, without artificial additives ... Seamless Entertainment! A voice with recognition value. And the songs? Yes, you're going to say, I know...

Ciela – Saturday June/1 2018

Zillertal Dialect Rock - The band has been thrilling Zillertal artists for almost 30 years. Her music is known far beyond the borders of the valley and has simply achieved cult status.

Cash Money Brothers – Saturday June/1 2019

The Cash Money Brothers - funky guitar sound and a powerful voice. In the last few years, they have fought their way into the regional music scene - and rightly so. Country, Folk, Soul and Rock' n Roll -...

Rockhoga – Friday May/31 2019

The local rock cover band will ring in the Friday party night this year. They will fuel the mood with classics from AC / DC, Guns'n Roses, CCR, Van Halen, ZZ-Top and some other rock legends.